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FAQs: Go for the Gold

1. How do I participate in Go for the Gold?
Log in to the Health Plus Health Guide on the Go for the Gold website. The deadline to participate in Go for the Gold for 2017 was Oct. 31, 2017. If you missed that deadline, you can participate in next year's Go for the Gold, with a deadline of Oct. 31, 2018.

2. If I waive the VUMC Health Plan, can I still participate in Go for the Gold?
Yes, all employees are encouraged to participate in Go for the Gold to reap the health benefits of the program. However, if you waive the health plan you will not receive the wellness credit.

3. What is the wellness credit?
If you participate in Go for the Gold, and you're a paying member of the VUMC Health Plan, you will receive a wellness credit of up to $240. This wellness credit is put into a health plan account that is administered by Aetna. The account will be used to help meet your deductible. You don't need to take action to access the account - it will happen automatically behind the scenes.

4. How can I find the balance of my health plan account?
You have 3 options:

  1. Look on your Aetna Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
  2. Use Aetna's website (see step-by-step instructions).
  3. Call Aetna at 800.743.0910.

5. What happens if I have a balance in my health plan account at the end of the year?
Your health plan account balance rolls over to the following year, so long as you remain enrolled in the health plan. If you have no medical bills that use up the health plan account, it will continue rolling over from year to year until you reach the maximum rollover amount of $1,000.

6. If I leave VUMC and there is a balance in my health plan account, can I take the balance with me?
No. The health plan account is part of the VUMC Health Plan and is neither portable nor transferable. If you leave VUMC, you will have access to the account only while you are still covered under the VUMC Health Plan, which is typically the last day of the month in which you receive a paycheck from VUMC. This applies even if you continue your VUMC Health Plan coverage under COBRA.

7. My spouse is also a VUMC employee. I carry both of us on my health plan, and my spouse waives coverage. Can we both get the Go for the Gold wellness credit?
No. The wellness credit paid to your health plan account is only available to employees who elect and pay for our health plan. If your spouse waives coverage, she/he is not eligible to receive the wellness credit because Aetna would only have one subscriber account for the enrolled employee. However, we still encourage you both to participate in the Go for the Gold program as part of your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. You might consider reviewing the payroll deduction amounts for employee-only coverage vs. employee-plus-spouse coverage and changing your health plan election during open enrollment (usually held in the fall).

8. Can I deposit additional money into my health plan account?

9. Can I access the money in my health plan account?
No, because the account is administered by Aetna.

10. I am enrolled in the VUMC Health Plan, but I am healthy and don't use medical services other than my annual checkup. Isn't this punishing those of us who are healthy?
Most employees use the health plan at some point. The health plan account balance will roll over from year to year to a maximum of $1,000, provided you are employed at VUMC and paying for the health plan. The wellness credit paid into your health plan account is like a rainy-day fund that will be there to help pay your medical deductible and coinsurance amounts if you need it.

11. Can the health plan account be transferred to a Health Savings Account?

12. Who can I contact with questions about Go for the Gold?
Contact Health Plus online or by phone at 615.343.8943.

13. If I have additional questions about the health plan account who should I contact?
Contact the Employee Service Center at or 615.343.7000.