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Health Reimbursement Account


The Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), formerly called the "Flexible Reimbursement Account," is a health care reimbursement account for faculty and staff whose employment began on or before December 31, 2004.

VUMC deposits $25 per month ($300 annually) into an account for each eligible faculty and staff member starting with the first month in which they become eligible. To access the money in your HRA, you can either swipe the health care card or pay for the item/service at the point of purchase then submit a claim form and required documentation to the spending account administrator, benefitexpress.

To remain eligible for the HRA, faculty and staff must be in a full-time, regular position and stay enrolled in the VUMC Health Care Plan for Faculty and Staff. If, at any time, an employee waives the Health Plan or returns to work at VUMC after any employment gap, the HRA eligibility is lost.

The plan year for the HRA is from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. The deadline to submit claims and supporting documentation (called the "run-out period") is each April 15.

How to Submit a Claim

You can submit a claim online, by fax or by email.


  1. Go to the My VUMC Benefits website
  2. Log in with your VUnetID and ePassword
  3. Click on View My Reimbursement Account to see your account balances and status of your claims. You can also complete an online claim form.

Fax a Reimbursement Request Form and receipts to 1.253.793.3766

Email a Reimbursement Request Form, with receipts, to

How are claims paid if you have both a Health FSA and the HRA?
When you file a claim (or swipe the health care card at the point of service), the first money that is accessed to pay for the eligible expense comes from your FSA, because that money does not rollover to the next year and you need to use that account first. At the point during the year that you use all of the money in your Health FSA, then funds would come from your HRA. Paper claim forms for the health care FSA and HRA are the same.

How to Check Your HRA Balance

  1. Go to the My VUMC Benefits website
  2. Log in with your VUnetID and ePassword
  3. Scroll down to Reimbursement Accounts (FSA / HRA) and click on View My Reimbursement Account.
  4. Under the Select Account dropdown, choose HRA. The screen will refresh and you'll see your balance for the current plan year.

End of Employment

If your employment with VUMC ends, you may still submit claims to be reimbursed. However the claims must be incurred prior to your end of employment date. You can still use the Reimbursement Request Form and submit your claims to benefitexpress by the deadline of the run-out period, which is April 15.


Contact Information

Customer Service: 1.844.489.3745