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How to Upload Your Photo from a Smart Phone

Also see uploading from a desktop computer.

1. Go to Enter your VUnetID for the Username and your ePassword for the Password. Note that your VUnetID needs to be all lowercase letters. Some smart phones will automatically capitalize the first letter of your user name.

iPhone 1

2. Click on ID Photo in the menu.

iPhone 3

3. You can take a new photo or choose an existing photo from your Photo Library. 

iPhone after upload

Photo do's:

  • Only one person in the photo - you!
  • Face forward, looking directly into the camera (no side profile)
  • Stand in front of a solid medium or dark background
  • Look happy!

Photo do not's:

  • No red eye
  • Nothing touching your face, such as hands, props or other distractions
  • No gestures or inappropriate facial expressions
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No jewelry or garments that obstruct the view of your face


4. Once you select your photo, you need to crop it. Use your fingers to drag the cropping box so your face is the focal point of the photo. See the example in the right column below. You can redraw the cropping box as many times as needed. Once you have your cropping box finalized, click on the Submit button.

iPhone 5 iPhone 6


5. You will see a preview screen with your new photo in the bottom of the screen. Click on the Submit button.

iPhone submit

6. You will see a confirmation message that your photo was submitted.

phone screenshot 8

7. Click on the home icon in the top left.

click home

8. Then click on the Log Out icon.

log out


9. You'll see a screen asking if you want to log out. Click on the Logout button.

log out

10. You will receive a confirmation email at your Vanderbilt email address to let you know if your photo was accepted.

  • If your photo was accepted, you have no further action to take. Your photo will be added to your ID card.
  • If your photo was not accepted, you will need to submit a new photo. Here are common reasons photos are not accepted:
    • Low quality. Photos taken with a digital camera or smart phone camera should be high enough in quality.
    • Inappropriate. Please wear professional attire.
    • Too bright or too dark. Make sure your face is legible and try standing in front of a solid medium or dark background. We used a wooden door for the example photos on this web page.
    • Not centered. Your face should be the centered in the photo.
    • Too distant or too close.
    • Not self portrait or more than one person in the photo.
    • Wearing hat or sunglasses.
    • Sideways image. Check that your photo has the correct orientation.
    • Not eligible. You need to be a VUMC employee.