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VUMC Culture Survey: Pulse Edition results are back; See what you said!

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The VUMC Culture Survey: Pulse Edition results are in and they show that VUMC employee engagement is on an upward trend for the second straight year. The overall engagement score on this shorter 29 question “pulse” survey moved to 4.02 from 3.97 on a 5-point rating scale. This is a statistically significant improvement in our results.

More than 13,800, or nearly 80 percent, of Vanderbilt University Medical Center staff participated in our VUMC Culture Survey and hearing from so many helps the organization understand what employees think about working here. 

“We see signs of significant progress thanks in part to the hard work of leaders and teams this past year to make this an even better place to work,” said C. Wright Pinson, MBA, M.D., Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Health System Officer for VUMC. “Last year, we heard you and, as a result, we spent a significant amount of time and effort implementing new manager training and partnering with you to focus on the areas we needed to improve to make VUMC stronger.” 

The survey results also saw VUMC’s action planning readiness score improve by 1 point to 86 percent. 

“This indicates employees’ readiness to engage with leaders in action planning to create positive changes based on our survey results,” said Traci K. Nordberg, chief human resources officer. “This puts VUMC in the moderately high range and above the national healthcare benchmark and shows the strongest relationship we continue to see is between employees and managers.”

Our top performing items demonstrate employee’s view that this is a good place to work and receive care and that your relationship with your manger is an important aspect of that.

  • More specifically, we saw statistically significant increases in many of the items that speak directly to the relationship between you and your manager.  My Manager treats me with respect (4.43); and My Manager cares about my job satisfaction (4.18).
  • VUMC rated high on the item I like the work I do, which scored 4.38 up from 4.34 from last year.
  • High scores were also given on the work done here.  This organization provides high-quality care and service scored (4.29); I am proud to tell people I work for this organization (4.28); and I would recommend this organization to family and friends who need care (4.26).

The results also pointed out opportunities for improvement. The low performing items will continue to be areas of focus; however, all the low items are improving over last year.

  • My pay is fair compared to other healthcare employers in this area: scored 2.97, up 0.15 points from last year.
  • This organization treats employees with respect: scored 3.86, up 0.09 points from last year.
  • I feel like I belong in this organization: scored 3.98, 0.04 points better than last year. 

During the week of June 19, managers across the Medical Center participated in workshops to learn about their results, new resources available to help them continue to improve in their areas and the next steps for sharing the results with their teams. Managers will share results with their teams in July and complete their 2018 action plans by Aug. 31.

You can view some of the results here.

The survey also helped us understand what is happening at the work-unit level. Each unit scores in one of three tiers with Tier 1 having a higher score, which means that employees in that work group feel their work environment is going well, and Tier 3 a lower score, which means that employees in those areas report a challenged environment with areas for improvement .

Tier level indicates the level of need for survey follow up activities. As a result, Tier 2 teams will pick 1-2 items and each Tier 3 teams will pick 5 items they will work on during this fiscal year.  

There is good news on that front as well. Partnering with their teams and HR Business Partners, managers were able to move 67 of our teams out of the Tier 3 level.

As a result, the feedback you shared will help further strengthen our organization and point us to areas we will work on in the coming year. 

“We will do our best to take your suggestions and continue making VUMC the best place to work in healthcare,” said Pinson. “Engagement is important to how people feel and to how an organization performs in every way.”