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Health Insurance

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Those individuals, and your dependents, that will be direct employees of VUMC will be provided health care insurance by VUMC through our insurance provider, with a small portion of the costs that have to be paid by the employee. Information on VUMC's health care insurance options can be found on our Human Resources website at: VUMC will also provide the supplemental insurance for repatriation of remains and emergency evacuation for you and your dependents through a supplemental life insurance policy through our provider, Garnett-Powers.

Those J-1 scholars that will not be a paid employee of VUMC (i.e. self-funded) must obtain their own insurance that meets the federal requirements. Those individuals will be required to obtain the mandatory health insurance and supplements for repatriation of remains and emergency evacuation, for you and each of your dependents that will be joining you in the U.S.

Because some insurance plans meet most of the immigration requirements but do not always provide adequate coverage to meet the legal requirements mandated by the U.S. Department of State for J program participants, you can purchase the required insurance through our vendor, Garnett-Powers & Associates.

Information can be found on their website at: If you wish to purchase your own insurance plan(s), you will be required to sign a waiver and provide proof that your insurance meets the U.S. State Department requirements to our vendor, Garnett-Powers & Associates, so they can evaluation your plan, approve your waiver, and provide VUMC confirmation that you meet the J program insurance requirements. Once VUMC issues the DS-2019 forms to you and your dependents, you will be contacted directly by Garnett-Powers regarding the required insurance. Please follow their instructions and provide them any requested materials so they ensure you and your dependents meet this requirement.