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Permanent Residency / Green Card Process at VUMC

Permanent residency is a lengthy and costly process. The department should consult the following resources before determining if permanent residency is the right step. Contact with any questions.

Permanent Residency / Green Card Process at Vanderbilt

  1. Collect the information necessary to complete the request form including: appropriate department contacts, cost center number, employee's country of birth and citizenship, employee's contact information, employee's current status and expiration, job information, CV/resume, qualifying criteria (EB1), qualifying research (NIW) and completed Visa Deemed Export Questionnaire.  
  2. Complete the Permanent Residency Request for Medical Center Employees.
  3. A representative of Fragomen will contact the employee for additional information (including the employees immigration history).
  4. VUMC Immigration Services will contact the department, typically within 4 weeks, to confirm the type of case and, if the departments decides to proceed, charge the cost center.
  5. If the case includes Labor Certification the process will generally take 12-18 months. See the list of necessary steps here. If the petition will be in a category not requiring the Labor Certification most interaction will be directly with the employee to request appropriate documentation of qualifications. These cases are individual and processing times vary widely.

NOTE: To sponsor an employee for permanent residency that employee must be in a full-time, permanent position (example: fellows do not qualify).