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Working without a Social Security Number

International persons who have proof of employment eligibility (employment authorization) may begin work without a Social Security Number (SSN). These employees must apply for an SSN, however, and be able to provide the number immediately upon receipt (or no later than 90 days after hire). 

International employees who do not have an SSN will be assigned a temporary Placeholder Number (PHN) by the International Tax Office (ITO). 

Once the SSN is obtained, the international employee must do the following:

  1. Update their FNIS/Glacier with the SSN number. They will need to notify the ITO that this has been done so that a new tax analysis can be performed and if necessary, new tax forms can be generated. It is not necessary to re-send the immigration documents if the immigration information has not changed.
  2. Contact Human Resources and update their I-9 information.

  3. Sign and return any tax forms necessary for tax treaty exemptions to the ITO.

The ITO will verify that the international employee's payroll record has been updated with the SSN and if applicable submit any tax treaty exemption documentation to the HR Processing department.