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Workforce Engagement

In Workforce Engagement our mission is to provide innovative experiences that inspire, empower and equip our workforce to achieve highest performance by measuring and enhancing our organization’s culture recognition and employee engagement.

  • New Staff Orientation - New Staff Orientation is Vanderbilt's way of welcoming you to a thriving cultural center that embraces and celebrates diverse talents and contributions. Designed with you in mind, New Staff Orientation teaches everything you need to know as you begin your Vanderbilt career.
  • Recognition Central - This website is a central hub for tips and tools on how to recognize your employees, peers or managers. Vanderbilt and its leaders are proud to spotlight the importance of well timed and well executed recognition.
  • VUMC Culture SurveyThe VUMC Culture Survey is your opportunity to provide the Medical Center with your feedback.  This is your chance to influence the way we work together, the way we learn, how we communicate with each other and how satisfied we are with our jobs. 
  • Employee Celebration - We know that everything that happens at Vanderbilt is possible because of our employees and their focused involvement in our purpose and mission. We owe them our thanks daily. To express our thanks, we have a team of seasoned professionals with more than 20 years of experience in employee programs and special event planning. This team works yearlong to plan, implement and evaluate our celebration programs and events.
  • New Leader Orientation - VUMC is engaged in the process of becoming one of the best academic medical centers in the world. This is no small ambition. Leaders play a crucial role in making this happen. This two-day orientation will introduce you to Elevate, the name we have attached to this ambition to be one of the best and the journey we must take to get there. In addition to equipping you with knowledge about Elevate, this session will provide basic information regarding VU policies and procedures and assist you in designing a process to continue your professional development.
  • Elevate - This is the name we’ve given our journey to establish a culture of service to our patients, to our colleagues and to each other. Visit the Elevate website to learn more about Elevate initiatives and programs.

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