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Reminder: Important information about your W-2 form

Human Resources is reminding employees about how their W-2 form will be handled for 2016 due to the legal separation of the Medical Center from the university. You will receive one “Vanderbilt” W-2 form for 2016 as long as you remained a Vanderbilt University Medical Center employee following the legal separation and never left Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2016. There are some circumstances where employees, who changed employment during 2016, they will receive 2 W-2s.

Your 2016 W-2 should be available later this month. The form will be mailed to your most current mailing address on file with Human Resources (typically your home address). Check into C2HR for updates on the exact date of when the forms will be mailed to you.

While VU and VUMC balances are combined into one W-2, the total income for 2016 is not reflected on your final VUMC paycheck. You will need to add together your last 2016 VU paycheck (in C2HR it will be UM1, UBA, VTS or UWU pay group) and your last 2016 VUMC paycheck (in C2HR it will be MCM, MCB or MCU pay group) to get the total income listed in Box 1 on your 2016 W-2.

Resources to assist you

Our team has developed a series of ways to assist you in better understanding your W-2.

  • A job aid on "How to Read Your W-2 Tax Form" accessible from the HR homepage.
  • A W-2 calculator on the HR website to assist you in verifying taxable wages for 2016.
  • One-on-one Informational sessions in February to walk you through your W-2 and get your questions answered. Look for more details on the HR website at the end of January.
  • You will receive two separate 1095-C forms, one from Vanderbilt University and one from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The Form 1095-C reports important health insurance information you'll need when completing your tax return. You will receive separate communications about this form.