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Herbs are now available to employees in the VUMC Community Garden

Basil thyme parsley sage
BASIL                                  PARSLEY                          SAGE                                 THYME

To all the herb lovers out there, fresh basil and thyme are now available to all VUMC employees at the VUMC community garden, which is located near the ambulance entrance of Medical Center North, right off Medical Center Drive.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Human Resources and the VUMC Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society and Rooted Community Health have provided a garden to all VUMC staff to help promote healthy eating. The garden is maintained and tended by the VUMC staff. 

To help preserve the VUMC community garden, there are some key guidelines to follow. If VUMC employees want to bring some herbs home, be sure to snip off the leaves and not harm the plant. While picking up some herbs, be sure to not uproot the plant. Please be respectful and make sure to not take the last herb in the garden. The garden will continue to flourish with plenty of herbs. Without a plant left, the herbs will not continue to grow.

When picking up some herbs, be sure to bring a baggie and a pair of scissors.

VUMC employees are encouraged to stop by the garden anytime this week to pick up some fresh herbs and use them in a yummy recipe. However, supplies are limited so continue to check back regularly to see what is available in the garden. 

Before making a trip down the garden, be sure to click this link to see how to properly snip off herbs.

Click the link here to see a recipe on basil pesto or click the link here for thyme oil.

In the next few weeks, the employees will be able to collect sage, cilantro, and parsley.

To find out more information about the staff run garden, click the link here.

If you are interested in helping maintain the VUMC community garden, please complete the form here or email Marsha Burton at or John Compton at .