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VUMC and Nashville Technology Council partner to support emerging tech leaders

VUMC-Nashville Technology CouncilNashville is regularly listed as one of the hottest cities in technology, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center is excited to partner with the Nashville Technology Council to showcase the connection between health care and technology. Most recently, VUMC partnered with NTC to connect seasoned IT executive mentors with emerging, high potential IT talent in the region. 

“VUMC currently employees thousands of IT professionals. As a partner with the Nashville Technology Council we are excited to have another outlet to grow our tech talent and support the future growth of Nashville’s Tech Hill and the new Tech Hill Commons campus,” said Traci Nordberg, chief human resources officer. 

Nashville Technology Council’s Emerging Leaders in IT (ELITE) mentoring program pairs IT professionals with leaders in technical fields in order to provide the emerging leaders with a sustainable support network and to increase retention by improving the leadership skills of front-line managers. Twenty-one mentees were selected from an applicant pool of 64. In addition 22 IT leaders volunteered as mentors. Together, 32 Nashville-based companies are represented in the program.

“We came together to create this program with the goal of building the strength of our first line technical leaders so that we improve the overall culture in our tech teams,” said Joanne Eckton, a member of the program’s leadership committee. “Technical people generally get promoted from being the ‘doer’ to being in charge of the other doers, without really understanding what that means. By bringing our senior leadership together with emerging talent, we are in building a community of support that we hope to build upon for the future.” 

VUMC’s Cory Colton, executive director for Learning, and Dr. Reed Omary, M.D., M.S., director of the Medical Innovators Development Program, have signed on as mentors and will serve as panelists during discussions on topics, such as effective communication and tech as a strategic driver. Colton said he hopes he can share practical advice for employees making the leap to leadership. 

“Leaders soon realize that 70 percent of leadership is a focus on their people and not related to technical expertise. Leaders should make sure people are in the right role, have the resources they need and are developed along the way,” Colton said.