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Open Enrollment News: Walgreens added as preferred pharmacy

 prescription drug benefit 2018

While Vanderbilt pharmacies give us the best pricing using our employee health plan, we know that sometimes you need to use a non-Vanderbilt pharmacy such as a retail outlet. Starting in 2018, you can fill prescriptions at Walgreens at lower rates than other non-Vanderbilt pharmacies. As our preferred partner, Walgreens offers lower co-pays and coinsurance rates than other non-preferred pharmacies. 

  • As an example, Tier 1 drugs at a Vanderbilt Pharmacy have a $5 copay while Tier 1 drugs at Walgreens have a $12 copay. By contrast, drugs at a non-preferred pharmacy have a $20 copay. (see chart below for rates)
  • 90-day prescriptions, mail-order prescriptions and specialty pharmacy prescriptions will continue to be offered exclusively through the Vanderbilt Pharmacy and not available at Walgreens.
  • Navitus Health Solutions will continue to administer the VUMC prescription drug benefit. You will use your same Navitus benefits card in 2018.
  • For more information about the VUMC prescription drug benefit, visit the HR website.

prescription drug benefit table2018