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Save time and money with VUMC health plan quick care options

Open enrollment buttonAs you probably know, emergency rooms in the United States are overflowing, and use by our own employees is on the rise. Sometimes those visits are for non-emergent medical needs either because it seems convenient or you are unsure whether it’s an emergency. An emergency room visit is going to be expensive. In addition to a co-pay, which will be $125 in 2018, there may be additional tests or physician visits that will cost you and the health plan more than a visit in a different medical setting.

Of course, injury and illness don’t always happen during regular physician office hours, but there are some other options both during the work day for you and after hours for you and family members that might be more convenient and cost a fraction of an emergency room visit. To assist in determining whether a situation moneyrequires emergency care and to learn more about other care locations, VUMC has phone and online tools available: 

  • As part of the VUMC health plan, you have access to a Nurse Advice Line at no cost to you. The Nurse Advice Line is staffed by Aetna registered nurses and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assess whether you may need emergency care, answer your questions and direct you to locations that provide the appropriate level of care. Call 615.875.NRSE to access the Nurse Advice Line. All employees were recently sent a reminder card designed to fit inside your wallet and a refrigerator magnet so that you will always have the number to the Nurse Advice Line close at hand.
  • Or, to find a list of urgent care/walk-in options online you can visit care-options.php .
  • Both the Nurse Advice Line and the website will provide information on these care options:
    • Walk-in clinic or urgent care facilities around Middle Tennessee
    • Occupational Health Clinic or Faculty/Staff Express Care on campus, currently open M-F, 8 a.m.–2 p.m. Hours are being expanded in the near future to accommodate more non- emergency visits by employees.
    • An at-home or at-work visit by Vanderbilt Health OnCall
    • Or your primary care physician
    • When there is an emergency and you’ve taken the time to consider other options for care prior to visiting the emergency room, you may be eligible for a $20 credit toward your emergency room co-pay via your health account. To do this, you will submit a claim form at before you go to the emergency room.