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Completing the Timesheet Form

All hourly staff should complete all hours worked in the Kronos timekeeping system. A paper timesheet is only used for time not entered into Kronos prior to cutoff.

Specific instructions for completion of the timesheet are provided on the reverse side of the form. Special attention should be paid to ensuring that:

  • Timesheet is completed legibly, in ink, not pencil, with any changes or errors lined out - not whited out - and initialed by the supervisor approving the timesheet.
  • Hours have been recorded in 1/10th hour equivalents.
  • Hours are charged to the appropriate cost center.
  • Correct earnings codes are recorded on the timesheet. Several commonly used codes are included in the Legend on the timesheet. Please refer to the HR/Payroll Website for a complete list.

Supervisor Review and Authorization

The employee's supervisor should review the accuracy of the "Time Worked" section for every timesheet to ensure the correct totals have been recorded as hour equivalents in the area at the top of the form.

Upon verifying this information, and confirming that the employee has signed and dated the completed form, the supervisor must sign and date the timesheet and record the total approved hours in the bottom left hand corner below the certification statements. The employee and supervisor signatures verify the accuracy of the timesheet.

Timesheet Processing

Each home department should make copies of the timesheets for their own files. These copies should be used to compare and verify hours on the timesheets with hours reported on the Labor Distribution Reports.

Departments should deliver the original timesheets to the designated locations outlined below by the noted deadlines. Employees should not deliver their own timesheets. The Payroll Calendar is also available on the HRS website. For internal control purposes, the Payroll Office is unable to pay from facsimile timesheet copies.

Medical Center Staff
Medical Center Payroll Office
(include a VUMC Timesheet Transmittal Form)
S-2311 MCN 2567
Deadline: MONDAY, before 10 a.m. (unless notified otherwise for holiday schedule)

VUMC Temporary Service Staff

Note: Timesheets must be checked and the hours worked verified by the supervisor. The supervisor must then turn the timesheets in as follows: (Timesheets turned in to VTS or Payroll by the VTS employee will not be processed.)

MEDICAL CENTER departments
Send VTS timesheets at same time as regular employee timesheets, but in separate envelope to:
Medical Center Payroll Office
S-2311 MCN 2567
Deadline: MONDAY, before 10 a.m.

Note: For audit control purposes, timesheets turned in to VTS or Payroll by the VTS employee will not be processed.