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Employee, Timekeeper, and Manager/Supervisor Approver Responsibilities

The overall objective of the review process is to:
Ensure that the payroll data submitted for payment is accurate and reflects payment for ALL time worked by each staff member.

The Employee should:

  • Record hours worked daily
  • Record or cancel meal break
  • Verify time record is filled out correctly in its entirety
  • Verify name and employee ID (if on paper)
  • Submit and Approve their time record by the specified due date

The Kronos Timekeeper should:

  • Assist employees and supervisors with questions and concerns
  • Make edits once approved by Manager/Supervisor
  • Ensure time records have been approved for area

The Manager/Supervisor Approver should:

  • Ensure all employees in area of responsibility are accurately reporting time
  • Verify employee does not exceed FTE unless prior approval
  • Have knowledge of work performed
  • Verify time record is filled out correctly in its entirety
  • Verify home department (if on paper)
  • Verify pay period end date
  • Verify cost center and job code for hours submitted
  • Verify earnings type
  • Ensure employee has certified accuracy
  • Validate total hours for each pay period for each earnings type
  • Approve or reject time record in a timely manner
  • Submit time record approved by deadline
  • If paper timesheet is utilized:
    • make a copy to utilize in reviewing labor distribution reports
    • Completed paper timesheet should be retained by approver and never returned back to the employee. The approver is the person responsible for submitting the timesheet to the appropriate location (HR Express, HR Processing, MCN Concierge Office) for processing.

Trends You May Notice

As you become familiar with your department’s time record data or by direct observation, you may notice trends in the data:

  • Staff may not be consistently receiving a meal break – ask WHY NOT?
  • Staff may be documenting their meal break as being taken every day, but as their supervisor, you notice that they are not taking the meal break during the work day – ask WHY?
  • An increase in an individual’s or department’s overtime usage – ask IS THIS RELATED TO STAFF CONSISTENTLY NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE AN UNINTERRUPTED MEAL BREAK?

Last Update: 09/14