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HR System Security Roles

If you work in one of the following areas, please contact the HR Security Administrator for a list of Security Roles available for your area.

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit

Security Roles available:

Role Name Role Access
Decentralized User
  • Setup Information, such as Job Code Table, Department Table, Company Table, Location Table, etc.
  • Position Information, such as Position Data, Position History, Position Data Summary, etc.
  • Job Information, such as Job Data, Earnings Distribution, Compensation Rate
  • Personal Information, such as Name, Address, Emergency Contact, etc.
  • Paycheck information, such as Pay Earnings, Check Balance YTD, Pay Check Summary, etc.
  • Leave Balance information
Personal Data Only
  • Personal Information, such as Name, Address, Phone, etc.
Query View
  • Ability to run existing public queries to HTML or Excel
Query Basic
  • Ability to create and modify both public and private queries. These queries can be run to Excel, or viewed as HTML

Please note: Users are encourged to use the HR Business Objects reports in lieu of creating queries. If access is requested for this role, the supervisor should submit an explanation of why this access is required.

If you have additional questions about role security, please contact the HR Security Administrator.