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HR System Security Request Procedures

Instructions for submitting an HR System Security Request Form

  1. Complete the Operator Information section. NOTE: If all fields are not completed, form processing may be delayed.
    • Name. Please enter the name of the employee.
    • HR Employee ID. This is a seven-digit number. Please do NOT enter the Social Security number.
    • VUnetID. This ID is also typically used for email purposes.
    • Work Phone
    • VUMC Email Address
    • Home Department and Home Department Name
    • ePassword.An ePassword is required for system access. Please obtain this before you request security access.
  2. Complete the Access Information section.
    • Effective Date of Access. Enter the effective date of the requested action.
    • Action Requested
    • Database Access Requested. The HRPROD Database is the main HR system. Access to the PIPROD database and Employment Verification is restricted to certain areas only.
    • Comments. Enter additional comments in this space.
    • Department Security Requested. Enter all home departments the operator should be able to access. To view a snapshot of the Security Tree roll up, click here.
    • Security Role Requested. For a list of available roles, click here.
  3. The Operator Signature section must be signed and dated.
  4. The Supervisor Signature section must also be signed and dated. By signing, the supervisor is acknowledging he or she has reviewed the requested access, and it is appropriate and directly relates to the operator's job responsibilities.
  5. Obtain approval from the Medical Center Security Liaison. Send the request forms to Erik Wisdom, Finance-Systems Management, 3319 West End Ave., 8480.

Once your request has been approved you will be notified via email. If you have any questions or comments please email