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FAQs for Hiring Managers

How do I request a temporary employee?
To get started today, you need to complete an online assignment request form through TalentCentral. You will receive a confirmation email followed by a phone call from a TempForce representative assigned to your request. It is important to communicate with the TempForce staff exactly what you need to accomplish and what skills a temporary employee will need to perform successfully in your department.

Can I interview TempForce employees for my temporary positions?
Because TempForce has already thoroughly screened and interviewed its employees, we highly discourage the practice of re-interviewing employees for temporary assignments.

What is the current TempForce service surcharge?
The current rate for using a TempForce temporary employee is 30 percent (not including fringe). Contact our office at 615.343-8760 if you have questions about the surcharge.

How long do I have to wait before I can hire a TempFore employee into a permanent position?
You are free to hire a TempForce employee who has:

  • gone through the standard hiring and selection process
  • there is no minimum time, but ideally make the effective start date of new non-temporary role on a Monday to lessen the disruption to the pay cycle.

How long can a temporary employee stay on an assignment?
According to VUMC policy, no temporary employee should be placed on any assignment for longer than six months.

What new hire paperwork do I need to complete for a temporary employee?
Because the temporary employee is a TempForce employee, your department will not have to complete any new hire paperwork. You will need to conduct any additional training required for the employee to be successful at their assignment.

What do I do if I have a temporary need outside of Nashville or the state of Tennessee?
Call our office and speak to one of our representatives. On occasion we can support temporary employment assignments outside the area, but that would be dependent on the type of work and approvals from TempForce leadership and Risk Management.

What should I do if there is a billing problem for the services I received?
Contact the TempForce manager and we will arrange an administrative review of the charges.

How can I recommend someone I know for an open temporary position?
If you know someone that you believe may be a good fit for VUMC and TempForce, please ask them to apply online and list you as a referral. Also, pass along their information to a TempForce representative so we will know you made a referral